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where to buy mac makeup in uk BEESWAX (AKA CERA ALBA, CERA LAVA) ?This is the wax from a bee hive. Bees must consume six or more pounds of honey in order to create one pound of wax. It is created by either being secreted by worker honeybees from four pairs of glands on the underside of their abdomens, or by secreting droplets of wax called "scales." It can be found in many forms of makeup, from eye shadow to foundation to lipstick. CARMINE (AKA COCHINEAL, COCHINEAL EXTRACT, CRIMSON LAKE, NATURAL RED 4, C.I. 75470, E120, CARMINIC ACID) ?This deep red color is taken from crushed cochineal insects. The color is extracted from the insect body and eggs. It is a very common colorant in lipsticks and blushes. where to buy mac makeup in uk While MAC is one of the cosmetic lines where to buy mac makeup in uk It even comes with a built in chat n serve feature so you can provide live support to your student/visitor. Once your course is designed, set up and ready to go you can set up your own payment options and receive payments directly to Paypal or a Authorized.net merchant account. Learn more about Membership Suite Plus! cheap mac makeup free shipping